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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review of I Peter: Finding Encouragement in Troubling Times. Week Six

I am a singer. I've been in choirs and other musical groups for most of my life. I've even been in a few bands. Yeah. I'm a rocker chick.

One thing that I've learned is that in order for music to work correctly, there must be harmony. Balance. Blending. Give and take. 

And it is so true in other aspects of life. Especially within the Church.

Peter addresses Christians who are starting, brand new, with the whole Body of Christ thing. And we are still in desperate need of that teaching now, 2000 years later!

In this week's study there was a case study. It was about a family getting together for Christmas. There was some tension between the grandmother and her daughters. One daughter took some time away at a bad time. She was inconsiderate...which happens in families and churches, right? Well, that and a few other things made the family late for an event. The next day, the mother/grandmother reminded the daughter that she needed to be on time for that day's events (3 times...that's bordering on nagging). That daughter ended up leaving early.

It's so sad. This family had their Christmas disrupted because of a misunderstanding and "putting oneself first". How often do we see this in the Church? Instead of doing life together, we put our needs first. And then we let ourselves become riled when it doesn't go our way. This is anything but unified. It is anything but a body working together. It is more of a family that is working against each other.

Peter (who was the "rock" on which Jesus would build the Church) encouraged the early Christians to be one. To not fight one another. This is a lesson we would do well to learn now. 

We have plenty of others coming at us. The Church should be where we can come together in one purpose. To further the Kingdom of God.

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