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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Book Review of "The Three Trees"

We are a family that reads together daily (often several times a day). So, when given the opportunity to share this book with my kids, I was very excited. 

The art work is beautiful. I'm a fan of folk art. All of the colors and details...there's just a lot to catch the eye! My younger kids (the ones who can't read yet), enjoyed flipping through the pages, letting their eyes move across the page to take in all the art and color and beauty. They could identify what the book communicated through the stories that the pictures told. 

The story is told in that familiar folk story voice. It uses easily understood language. Yet it wasn't at such a low level that my kids were bored. They were moved by the reading of the story. I let my husband read it aloud so that I could watch the faces of my kids. They were caught within the telling and pinched their little eyebrows together in concentration. 

The Three Trees is a traditional folktale. I've heard it before. However, coupled with the beautiful artwork, this story had more power than just through the spoken word. 

This book is a great gift. Christmas is just around the corner, and this would be a great one to give as a gift to children, art-lovers, your Church library. It would also be a great baby shower gift (books were some of my favorite from when I had my babies). 

Note: Kregal Publications provided this book in exchange for my honest review.

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