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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Book Review of Melanie Dobson's "Refuge on Crescent Hill"

As a fiction writer, I was delighted that I would have the opportunity to review another novel for the Kregal Publications blog tour. I felt that I would be stretched a little to read a suspense novel...and I'm glad that I did. 

Melanie Dobson's novel "Refuge on Crescent Hill" has a good pace from the first page to the last. The dialogue is natural and easy to follow, moving the story-line forward, not bogging it down with insignificance. Her characters are believable. Her narrative voice is straightforward, unpretentious, and causes pictures to fill the reader's mind. 

Here's a little bit about this novel...

 Moving home after a recent job loss was supposed to reassure Camden Bristow but what she finds is an empty mansion 150 years old. What happened to the house she played in as a child, the bedtime stories that told of secret passageways and runaway slaves, and all those family memories?

When antiques start disappearing and footsteps are heard, Camden wonders what really happened here . . . at Crescent Hill? Who still has access to the house? And for what purpose? As she works to uncover the past and present mysteries harbored in her home, Camden also uncovers secrets about her family that could change the town--and her life--forever. (from the Kregal website)

I have to say, the idea of family mystery is intriguing. And getting to read a book that unfolded the mystery little by little was exciting. The concept that all secrets affect the lives of those around us was so well developed in this novel. Dobson did a great job keeping my mind moving while I read. Not only that, she kept my focus on Camden's search for the truth.

I recommend this novel. It would be great for book clubs and the reader who wants  me mystery and edge-of-your-seat literature. 

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